Diatomaceous Earth for Horses

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Diatomaceous earth

is the remanence of one celled microscopic plants better known as phytoplankton also called diatoms. These diatoms lived in the oceans and lakes very long ago. The



remains of these diatoms are mined from underwater beds as well as dried up lake beds.

Diatomaceous earth is used for a variety of products and processes, such as filtration, based materials for cosmetics, paint, drugs, and chemical insecticides. Diatomaceous earth also comes in variety a grades, but the one we are most interested in is food grade. Is important to know that there are non-food grade diatomaceous products on the market that can be harmful to both humans and livestock.

If you read a variety of sources on the Internet you will find that food grade diatomaceous earth is used in a variety of products such as an anti-caking agent for animal feed. It is also used as an internal parasite control mechanism for animals. Diatomaceous earth works mechanically by scratching, cutting, and interfering with insects and parasites, but not as a chemical. This mechanism makes diatomaceous earth an excellent and safe alternative to chemical products.

I’ve also read that to be effective diatomaceous earth must be given for 60 to 90 days, as it passes through the digestive system of animals, to be effective upon the variety of parasites. Parasites depending on the type have different cycles and migrate their way through livestock bodies are not always in the gut. This is why 60 to 90 day feeding must occur.

Diatomaceous Earth for Horses

Diatomaceous Earth for Horses

So all of this sounds really great. Diatomaceous earth is a wonder product that will destroy all sorts of parasites. However I’ve just read in Equus magazine online and article from a veterinarian and researcher at the University of Kentucky by the name of Martin Nielson he says that they have found no evidence of the claims that diatomaceous earth kills parasites within horses.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

He says within the article “some have suggested that DE might be effective at disrupting parasitic larva within fecal pile on pasture. But, again, a number of my colleagues evaluated this hypothesis and controlled studies, and they have found no such effect.”

Dr. Nielsen goes on within the article explaining that diatomaceous earth will probably not kill parasitic larva within the gut of horses due to the dilution of the diatoms within the stomach. He also says that if the concentration of diatomaceous earth if found in such quantities as people suggest to kill parasites that they would also cause damage to the gut wall of the horse.

There are many claims on the Internet by variety of folks who appear to be trustworthy such as horseconnect.xyz. One must exercise due regard and do as much research as possible from as many trusted sources as possible on the Internet in order to protect yourself. A lot of claims come from websites that are just trying to sell a product.

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Horseback Riding For Beginners – Useful Tips

Horseback Riding For Beginners – Useful Tips

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Riding a horse is one of the best experiences in the world since it will challenge you on many fields from physical to mental. Professionals spend their whole life learning how to improve their riding skills, but we can’t be all professional and from some point, we have to start.

Protect yourself first

When starting to ride a horse for the first time, safety should be your top priority and you will want to avoid injuries. From time to time, we all heard misfortunate stories about people who had a bad experience with the horses. If you already scheduled your first ride, make sure to use adequate protection because you will feel more relaxed and you will enjoy more in your ride.

Use proper clothes and shoes

Most basic clothes you can use are boots that have heels and jeans, if you don’t have boots, sneakers can help. The one-inch heel will prevent your foot from sliding and it will protect your toes when you hit the ground. You shouldn’t wear short pants because your skin will rub the saddle and it will get irritated as the horse moves. Under no circumstances you should wear open toe shoes. Just imagine a horse accidentally stepping on your bare toe – you will pass out due to the pain.

Use a helmet

This is a must, especially if you are a beginner. You will have to use a certified helmet that is specially designed for horse riding. If by accident a fall occurs, a helmet will protect your head and these injuries are among the most serious ones.

Hold a balance while you are riding

While you are sitting on the saddle, move your body along with the horse’s. If you are stiff and tense, it will make your body bounce, follow its movement and in this way you won’t lose balance. Sit at the back part of the saddle – if the horse stops suddenly, you won’t be flying forward. But, if you sit too far back, you will be left behind if it suddenly hurries.

Observe your surroundings

Always follow horse’s movements and where you are going. Horses are magnificent animals and they will anticipate our every movement and read our intentions. Guide your horse in the right direction and use your legs and rein aids for that.

While holding reins, they should be loose

There is a difference between English and Western riders. Western riders use one hand to hold reins and they don’t have a contact with horse’s mouth, for that they have a small loop. Some of them hold the reins too long and they can’t always make a correction with them when needed.

Impersonate your horse’s behavior

When you are on the ground, introduce yourself properly to your horse. Give him the palm of your hand to smell it, that is known as a horseman’s handshake. To someone, it may seem strange, but in horse world it’s a pretty common thing and proper introduction that will help you and your horse to establish a bond.

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